Sunday, October 5, 2014

#Declassify 9/11

What really happened?
No one knows the full story of what happened on 9/11. Theories abound, and I'll link below to some books to help you explore this disturbing, yet fascinating, chapter in America's history. It's clear to me that the findings of the 9/11 commission are unsatisfactory. Could Building 7 really have collapsed due to structural fires? How do you explain the absence of plane wreckage at the Pentagon? Could Flight 93 have been shot down by a fighter plane or a surface-to-air missile in an effort to avert further tragedy? How can the passports of the hijackers be undamaged and have been discovered yet the flight data recorders of the airplanes remain missing? How could the poor aviation skills of the pilots account for the expert maneuvering of the airplanes into the towers and the Pentagon?
Rep. Walter Jones
These and many other questions remain unanswered, but Congress Walter Jones (R. NC) is hoping to shed some light on 28 pages in the 9/11 commission report that remain classified to this day. House resolution 428 has already passed the House and is waiting to be reviewed by the House Committee on Intelligence before being passed on to the Senate. We don't know what's in the classified pages of the report, but reportedly the Saudi Arabian government's involvement in the attacks becomes more clear in these 28 pages. Congressman Jones says that the classification of these documents is unwarranted, and that there is nothing in the documents that would jeopardize national security.
Obviously, this administration is doing it's best to cover up the cozy relationship that the previous administration had with the Saudi government. It's well known that the Bush family has a close relationship with the Saudi royal family. In fact, the Saudi prince Bandar bin Sultan was so friendly with George W. Bush that Bush nicknamed him “Bandar Bush.”
As with any crime, it's important to ask “cui bono”, or “who benefits.” In the wake of 9/11, the United States waged war throughout the Middle East, effectively crippling the political enemies of Israel. Bush's cabinet and advisers were well known Neoconservatives, a violent Zionist cult that has its roots in the Trotskyite Communist Left. This racist, subversive group is bent on using the US military, and with it the priceless blood and treasure of working Americans, to further the grandiose vision of Israel's Zionist Likud party. It takes no great stretch of the imagination to realize that 9/11 was possibly staged by Israel's Mossad intelligence agency with the possible cooperation of Saudi and US intelligence. There is a body of evidence that suggests this very theory, but it is beyond the scope of this article. The history of Saudi Arabia is a disturbing tale of British intelligence actively fostering a heretical brand of violent Muslim extremism in an effort to protect the then British commonwealth of neighboring Israel.
The Saudi Salafists have always been radically Muslim, yet also pro-Western and pro-Israel. This is no accident. The nation exists to protect the interests of NATO and Israel, while destabilizing what civilization could possibly exist in the Arab world. 9/11 is a violent act of vile terrorism carried out by these very same individuals to further the violent ideologies of the Israeli Zionists and the NATO secret establishment's solemn mission to create a fascist police state that will have the entire world under it's thrall. This is the New World Order that will rise after three world wars described by Freemason and dark occultist Albert Pike in a letter to fellow Freemason terrorist Giuseppe Mazzini dated August 15, 1871.

Albert Pike
 I urge you to look beneath the veil of what may have really happened on 9/11, and to encourage brave individuals like Rep. Walter Jones who want to illuminate the truth about this most violent attack on American lives and liberty. Challenge your assumptions about the event, research with clear reasoning and make an effort to eliminate contradictions, and you will get that much closer not only to understanding the event itself, but how the world actually operates and who is really in charge. Research 9/11 today, and urge congress for a fuller investigation of what really happened on that fateful day.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Return of the Vegetable King

When I was twenty-five I went to Oregon to visit my dad for about
Traditional depiction of the "Vegetable King"
a week. Oregon is a long way from where I live, so when I arrived I was very tired and I went into the spare bedroom to take a nap. There's something about naps that brings on some particularly potent dreams, in my opinion. I think that you're not able to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep like you otherwise would if you were sleeping at night, so some interesting phenomena can occur.

I dreamt that I was wandering through a destroyed city, looking for food and maybe for a place to stay. I kicked over some piles of rubble looking for something that might sustain me. Finding nothing I finally gave up and sat in the driver's seat in the shell of a burned up car. I blinked and suddenly someone was sitting next to me in the passenger seat. It was a man who looked like all of his skin had been peeled off and there was nothing left of him but flesh and bones. He was like a walking, talking illustration in an anatomy textbook. I was frightened at first, but something about the man made me think that he was really what I was looking for. There was something important about him.

“The Vegetable King will return,” he said.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“I will show you,” he said. He reached across the console and touched my face. Immediately I was given a vision of untold abundance that would be experienced by everyone on earth. It came in flashes of pictures of bright, nourishing food surrounded by ruddy, healthy looking people. Overseeing it all was the spirit of an unseen man shining in the distance near the horizon who called himself the Vegetable King. Everyone praised him and their gardens grew beautiful fruits and vegetables without their labor and their tables were also laden with meats of all kinds (I was a committed vegan when I had this dream, which is interesting).

The experience of the Vegetable King vision was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was as if a huge experience had been uploaded instantaneously into my consciousness and I understood everything that it was trying to tell me instantly. I have only had one other dream like this in my life, but we don't have the space here to get into that. I awoke the moment the skinless man took his hand away from my face, and the dream with its vision of the Vegetable King was over.

I have had a few such dreams in my life that seem to be something beyond the nonsensical operation of my mind as I sleep. This dream seemed to be an indication of a deeper truth that I already knew, but had to rediscover through experience. It's like a ritual that my subconscious had prepared for me that would provide me with the gnosis, or knowledge gained from direct experience, that would allow me to peak into the infinite and understand the mind of the creator just a bit better. I know that sounds grandiose and unbelievable, but this particular dream has become more significant to me the older I get. At the time, I puzzled over it briefly, but quickly forgot about it and continued with my Oregon vacation.

Now, six years later, I've encountered this dream and its possible meanings again by reading David Mathisen's fantastic book, The Undying Stars. Essentially, this book explores the very strong possibility that biblical stories, as well as other mythologies, are really allegories for celestial events involving the stars and planets.

For example, the book begins with the Old Testament story of Samson that can be found in the book of Judges. Samson went to visit a beautiful Philistine maiden and on the way encountered a lion which he slew with his bare hands. After visiting the maiden, Samson returned the way that he had come and discovered that the lion's mouth was full of bees and the wound that Samson had made in his side was oozing with honey. Mathisen thinks that this is in fact the journey taken by the constellations Orion, Leo, and Virgo in the night sky. In the course of the evening, in the night sky, the constellations travel from east to west, so that it appears that the constellation Orion (Samson) pursues the constellation Virgo (the Philistine maiden) with Leo (the lion) somewhere in between them. At certain times of year, the constellation Leo can be seen near a cloudy nebula of stars that was sometimes described by the ancients as a swarm of bees.

This is just one of many examples cited in The Undying Stars as stories that likely have their origins in the movement of the heavenly bodies and stars. Mathisen's thesis is that we do the stories of the Bible and other religions a great disservice when we interpret them literally. The original Christians did not intend for these stories to be any more literal than the stories of Hercules or Odysseus (which also seem to hold some interesting astrological allegories). These stories were meant to instruct the initiate in the mysteries of the universe, but not through hermeneutics or literal instruction. They were meant to communicate gnosis to their interpreters through the experience of allegory and storytelling.

Alvin Boyd Kuhn
Mathisen cites heavily from the sermons of a nineteenth century preacher named Robert Taylor who was among the first thinkers to relate Christianity to astrotheological paganism. He also cites from twentieth century philosopher Alvin Boyd Kuhn. Kuhn maintained that the stories in the Bible had a chiefly astrotheological origin and, most importantly, that the Christ myth is simply another manifestation of a myth that has occurred time and again in different cultures in varying forms, and is often interpreted through the movements of the stars and the planets. The myth that is the bulwark of every religion is the idea of the incarnation, meaning that there is a spiritual realm that is unseen by the earthly inhabitant, but the spirit matter is made flesh on earth without preserving any memory of life in the spiritual plane. However the Creator has endowed the natural world with hidden messages, or allegories, that represent the cycle of life that transits from flesh into spirit and returns it to flesh once again. The night sky contains constellations and stars that travel through the course of the evening. Some of them rise and set, while some remain in the sky the whole night through (these are the undying stars referred to in the book's title.) But eventually all stars are blotted out by the return of the sun (or son) in the morning.

This research has lent additional meaning to the dream I had of the bombed out world, the skinless man, and his vision of the eventual return of the Vegetable King. The only hell is the one we have made on earth because of mankind's tyranny to man, and the tyrants of this world will perhaps one day make life literally unlivable for his fellow man by producing some kind of nuclear holocaust like what I experienced at the beginning of the dream. The world of the flesh is also one of limitation. An individual consciousness is trapped in a single point in space/time and he must eat, sleep, labor, etc. without any prior knowledge of universal truths. He must struggle in darkness to discover light and meaning. So even in the absence of tyranny, which has been pretty rare in human history, man's existence is defined by struggle.

The skinless man seems to me to be someone who is not quite flesh and not quite spirit; someone with one foot in the grave as it were, who has still retained some memory of the spirit world from whence he came and he came to me to reveal some of the truth. This is similar in many ways to the journey that Odysseus takes to the underworld where he meets the shades of his mother, his friend Agamemnon, and Tiresias, and they tell him how to proceed on his journey.

My later investigations into the secret extra-governmental plan to create a planetary, totalitarian government also seem connected to this dream. I now suspect that I was somehow led to a better understanding of the New World Order and how it operates from having this particular dream. I need to understand that tyranny has an evil will to dominate the world of the flesh in order for me to fully appreciate and understand the world of the spirit, which is defined by freedom, knowledge, and illumination.

It's almost as if my incarnation as the person that I am here on earth is a kind of test to see if I am ready to receive the wisdom of the spirit world. The spirit world (heaven) has no meaning if it cannot be compared to the world of flesh and matter (hell), so I must understand true evil if I am to understand true goodness; understand darkness and death if I am to understand life and light. The dream of the Vegetable King was for me the message of his ultimate forgiveness and how he too was made incarnate just as I was, and he wants me to understand that the flesh is temporal and the spirit will return for a time before becoming flesh once again.

I highly recommend David Mathisen's book The Undying Stars. I feel that I was unconsciously led to this book to illuminate something in me that I already knew. I also can't recommend Alvin Boyd Kuhn's books highly enough, particualrly The Lost Light which investigates the Bible and astrotheology. In addition to being an astute researcher he has a stirring and lyrical writing style that makes him a joy to read. I'll link to some reading below to get you thinking more about myth, mythology, and what the Creator wants us to take away from the material world before we return to Him. See you next time. 

The Undying Stars by David Mathisen

The Lost Light by Alvin Boyd Kuhn 

The Golden Bough by Sir James Frazer 

"Green Man" at Wikipedia 

The Secret Teachings of Jesus: Four Gnostic Gospels trans. by Marvin Meyer 

Hamlet's Mill by George de Santillana and Hertha von Dechen 

"The Devil's Pulpit" the sermons of Rev. Robert Taylor


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nullify NSA

Send this message to your local reps in government and tell them to nullify the NSA by refusing water, power, and any other state assistance to the NSA Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah. Also, check out the proposed legislation which you should attach with the email, and check out for more stuff. Via con Dios! 

Dear Mr. (policy maker),

            I am a citizen of (your place here) and I am writing today to urge you to support the attached model legislation known as the 4th Amendment Protection Act. Essentially, the 4th Amendment Protection Act makes it unlawful for any state to provide material support to any federal agency in the form of funding, services, state assets, etc. if that federal agency is involved in the unlawful and unconstitutional collection of electronic data and metadata on US citizens without a warrant.

            Myself, and many other Utahns, are very disturbed by the ongoing credible accusations made by Edward Snowden that the NSA is recording and collecting the phone calls, text messages, e-mails, and instant messages of not just foreign parties suspected of terrorism but all Americans including representatives in government. The 4th Amendment to the Constitution clearly states that the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.” Clearly, the unwarranted collection of every citizen’s electronic communication violates this foundational principle of our law, and must be admonished and outlawed by our policy makers and fellow Americans.

            What’s even more shocking is that this data is being stored right in my backyard at the massive NSA Data Center located in Bluffdale. This facility uses a staggering amount of resources to violate the constitution including 1.7 million gallons of water a day to cool their computing towers. This is water better put to use by peaceful homes and businesses in Bluffdale; not to facilitate the federal government’s out-of-control criminality.

            I urge you to demand a cessation of services such as water and power to the NSA Data Center until a thorough investigation has been conducted on the NSA and American citizens can be assured that their data is not being collected and stored unconstitutionally. Please consider the attached proposed legislation and urge other policy makers for their support in this important matter. For more information, please visit


            (your name here)

            (your town here)

I know that I haven't posted in a while, and I apologize for that. Long story short, I'm writing a novel and I plan on posting chapters right here on Iconoclasm Today! so stay tuned.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tell Your Representatives to Keep Obama Out of Syria

Fortunately, cooler heads seem to be prevailing as America looks poised to engage diplomatically with Russia and Syria to prevent the outbreak of World War 3 in the Middle East. Copy and paste this letter to your representative and tell them to keep it that way. We the People stopped another illegal war from happening in Syria simply by withdrawing our approval for it. Now's the time to keep the pressure on the government that's been forced on us and keep us out of any further foreign entanglements. Your Senate and Congressional members contact info can be found below:

Dear (Senate of Congressman's name here),

            I am writing to urge you to support Rep. Walter Jones’ resolution to impeach Barack Obama if he pursues any form of military action in Syria without Congressional approval. I am also writing to urge you to vote against any form of military action on behalf of the US in Syria.

It is illegal and immoral for the Unites States to engage in wars of aggression against other states that have not attacked Americans. Any other course of action that excludes diplomacy can only be regarded as a war crime. Our good name has been dragged through the mud the world over after years of immoral warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our leaders have unscrupulously supported war criminals who have allied themselves with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda in Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. Americans will no longer stand silent when faced with the prospect of another costly and outrageously immoral war. Won’t you stand with us against the powerful war lobby and bring our troops home? It’s time for America to heal and tend to the grievous wounds she has suffered from endless warfare and a protracted recession created by big banking special interests.

            Please hold Mr. Obama accountable if he commits treason by attacking Syria without the consent of representatives, and pledge to withdraw your consent for any military action in Syria.


            (Your name and location)

Punch and Judy at it again

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wedding Poetry

I have returned, friends, from a rather protracted absence that has seen my wedding and honeymoon. I'm happy to announce that my new wife and I are settling in nicely. I wrote this poem on the occasion of my wife's birthday, but it fits the theme of an epithalamium. Epithalamiums are not traditionally written by the groom, so I adopted the voice of a kindly well-wisher to the bride. Admirable efforts at the form can also be found below. As always I am indebted to the sapphires of their imagery that I have shamelessly burgled from their unguarded estates.


            Beneath the wedding bough
            Spring the saplings of this union.
            Their branches twine together, hand in hand,
            Their veins become the midnight kissers.

            The mad hour of cake,
            Handshakes, and pictures
            Is the baroque pageant for something else.
            For a oneness cutting rivers through a field.

            This ceremony: a cup to taste that river
            Whose polishing fluve will
            Surely rust away the wedding rings
            That are mere baubles of this eon’s pageant.

            Your love gathers it’s lakes into oceans
            Where you will drink everlasting
            To feed the wide, eternal oak
            That only yesterday was two saplings.