Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tell Your Representatives to Keep Obama Out of Syria

Fortunately, cooler heads seem to be prevailing as America looks poised to engage diplomatically with Russia and Syria to prevent the outbreak of World War 3 in the Middle East. Copy and paste this letter to your representative and tell them to keep it that way. We the People stopped another illegal war from happening in Syria simply by withdrawing our approval for it. Now's the time to keep the pressure on the government that's been forced on us and keep us out of any further foreign entanglements. Your Senate and Congressional members contact info can be found below:

Dear (Senate of Congressman's name here),

            I am writing to urge you to support Rep. Walter Jones’ resolution to impeach Barack Obama if he pursues any form of military action in Syria without Congressional approval. I am also writing to urge you to vote against any form of military action on behalf of the US in Syria.

It is illegal and immoral for the Unites States to engage in wars of aggression against other states that have not attacked Americans. Any other course of action that excludes diplomacy can only be regarded as a war crime. Our good name has been dragged through the mud the world over after years of immoral warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our leaders have unscrupulously supported war criminals who have allied themselves with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda in Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. Americans will no longer stand silent when faced with the prospect of another costly and outrageously immoral war. Won’t you stand with us against the powerful war lobby and bring our troops home? It’s time for America to heal and tend to the grievous wounds she has suffered from endless warfare and a protracted recession created by big banking special interests.

            Please hold Mr. Obama accountable if he commits treason by attacking Syria without the consent of representatives, and pledge to withdraw your consent for any military action in Syria.


            (Your name and location)

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