Monday, June 24, 2013

Poem: Origin

 Right now, I'm reading Jim Marrs' very interesting new book, Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens? Marrs posits that there is a wealth of evidence that advanced beings once lived on Earth in the distant past. He covers unanswered questions raised by the mysteries of Stonehenge, the pyramids in Egypt and the Americas, man's mysterious origins, and evidence of ancient cultures using advanced technologies. He also discusses how an elite class of international bankers may be covering up the mystery of man's origins to promote their agenda of controlling mankind and the earth's resources. I don't know if I believe everything that this book proposes, but his evidence is fascinating, and knowledge and belief need not always agree. We have been conditioned by our culture (and, yes, by the elites) that belief comes before knowledge, but this is completely anti-intellectual. Carefully considering evidence with a healthy dose of curiosity is how the human intellect matures. Belief or disbelief may come later or not at all. The true intellectual is not without moral convictions, but he accepts that belief is a choice, and he need not believe everything he studies.

Personally, I don't doubt that we have very little knowledge of mankind's origins, and I believe that the elite are promoting their version of man's origins (IE evolutionary Darwinism) as a means of gaining social control. The logical extension of evolutionary theory is the bunkum of social Darwinism that very neatly places man in a hierarchical dialectic. The elite want us to believe that the robber barons of high finance are more successful simply because they're more evolved and we little people are detritus of leftover prehistoric DNA that must be disposed of if mankind is to progress. These beliefs not only have no scientific backing, they are profoundly anti-human and dangerous, and they must be attacked, ridiculed, and ultimately ignored. 

But what is the secret of man's origins? Frankly, I doubt that the global elite have it all figured out, and they use "science" to create an untouchable priesthood class of people who promote the status quo and never consider evidence outside of that. Were we artificially created by a race of superior beings? Your guess is as good as mine. Frankly, it all feels like a grand cosmic joke played on us by our forebears. Which is what this poem is about.  


            Consider the skull
            wearing it’s garland of roses.

            And remember that grandfather
            hid his mask in the antediluvian shelf.

            The flesh blushes like the rose,
            but the bone remains;
            A scroll that holds the word of God.

            And who is God?
            Our sons and daughters
            are the dusty wake of stars.

            And our jesting founders
            play the fiddle with our bones.


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